Fellowship, Residency
9 / 6 - 7 / 7 / 2023


Participants: Olga Souvermezoglou,

The geographical position of Nisyros in the Aegean as well as its landscape are a source of inspiration composing a diverse mosaic. The dominant feature of my project is communication and proximity in its different aspects. In the form of interviews on topics related to the island, I will investigate the ways in which the inhabitants communicate both with each other and with me. The people who will participate in this process will be differentiated according to their age, sex, economic status, qualities and characteristics, forming a diverse group. The, under construction, question will relate to the idea of ​​adjacency, “Who are your neighbors?”, “When was the first time you saw your neighbor” or “How do you relate to the rest of your neighborhood?”. During the interview we will be at the interviewee selection point which we will call with a code name.

Then examining the systems in which the communication takes place I will collect audio material from these points either described or visited by the interviewees in combination with radio excerpts. That is, each point will acquire a multiple role since it is first visited/described, then a sample is taken from the radio broadcasts and finally the surrounding space is recorded.These points along the course of the residency will be marked with a flag that will be crafted together with the interviewee in case he/she so wishes. The flag with its symbolic extension will define a new capacity/border while being perceived from a distance. Depending on the location there will be some ephemeral on-site gestures with local materials, which will make our presence visible. For example, using silica dust or sand, rearranging the individual elements in the space such as leaves, soil, stones.

Gathering all this information will create a map with routes to the selected points. It would be desirable at the completion of the project to carry out a walking performance where the public will be guided to the points of interest and possibly meet the interviewees. In addition, the audio material can be broadcasted from the radio station of the area or from the internet station operated by the Primary School (Nisyros Primary School – European School Radio Community).