Fellowship, Residency
9 / 6 - 7 / 7 / 2023


Participants: Olga Vlassi,

Reading about Nisyros and its history, I was interested in the large crater that exists on the island and its general meaning. Looking up the definition of crater, in a quick search on the internet and specifically on Wikipedia, I found interesting the different things that the term signifies. The term crater may refer to:

  • Crater (vessel), type of vessel
  • Impact crater, which is created by the collision of two celestial bodies
  • A volcano crater or caldera, which is created by volcanic activity
  • Explosion crater
  • Crater, constellation

Choosing the first term, the krater, as the starting point for a discussion, as the vessel that got its name from the process of mixing water and wine, (ancient verb kerannymi = to mix), I am thinking of working with the concept of mixing and collecting soil and raw materials from the island of Nisyros. In creating this raw material alloy I plan to make molds from clay and other materials I find there.