Exhibition, Residency
10 / 7 - 20 / 8 / 2016

Experimental Education Protocol

Curator: Angelo Plessas
Participants: Sepake Angiama, Andreas Angelidakis, Agnieszka Gratza, Oliver Laric, Quinn Latimer, Arvo Leo, Mia Lundström, Paolo Thorsen-Nagel, Garrett Nelson, Angelo Plessas,

The “Experimental Education Protocol” is a new alternative education model based on joint experiential learning. It brings together and navigates through different views, personalities and approaches so that the participants learn from one another to produce work.

The Sterna organization invites Angelos Plessas and eight more artists and curators to create works through a new practice, a new “Experimental Education Protocol” at the Baths of Nisyros. For the second time the historical building becomes a point of meeting and creativity, contributing its own aura of collective life and coexistence.

Angelos Plessas proposes this new method to the participants so that it takes shape according to their experiences —their conscious— but also according to their mood — the unconscious. It is an experiment whose very nature requires experiential information, since the nine participants bring their ideas, observations and concerns with which to experiment with the experiential; an experiment in content and procedure where each person’s individual empirical research makes up the joint learning, while avoiding the rules of hierarchy or any academic educational approach.

At the same time the process of this experimental education will be open to the public. All people on the island, inhabitants and visitors alike, are encouraged to become part of this experiential and empirical condition which will contribute to the development of the project. In this sense, the content of the “Experimental Education Protocol” is infinite.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a bilingual publication featuring the works created as part of the project as well as theoretical texts by the participants. Additionally, the catalogue will serve as a record of the process of the “Experimental Education Protocol” in relation with the island and the Baths.

Meetings 10 – 21 July daily at 11:00 – participation is free of charge

Opening 21 July at 20:30 with a performance by the participating artists

Exhibition duration 22 July – 20 August daily 18:00-21:00 – entrance free

Baths of Mandraki

Photos by Angelo Plessas & Dora Economou “Experimental Education Protocol”, Sterna Art Project 2016.