Fellowship, Residency
16 / 9 - 14 / 10 / 2022


Participants: Katerina Messini,

STERNA FELLOWSHIP is a residency program launched in 2022 that supports up to 5 graduates from the greek Schools of Fine Arts annually to work on a project on Nisyros. Following the results of 2022 open call, as selected and indicated by the three-member committee, the three fellows were in residency in Nisyros for one month to work on the project that submitted with their application.

This οngoing  video-installation project concerns the creation of a multi-layered audio-visual narrative revolving  around the concepts of disaster, the unexpected, the liminal, the uncanny and the alien. Footage from Nisyros often augmented with digital sculptures, synthetic images produced through machine learning as well as a multitude of diverse information collected from the Net, construct a post-apocalyptic scenography. This fragmentary data collage could be seen as a visual poem or as fictional study material of a future archaeology conducted by human or non-human entities.