Fellowship, Residency
7 / 9 - 6 / 10 / 2023

CRUSH (work in progress)

Participants: Danai Kriki,

To press something so hard that it breaks or until its shape is distorted

To defeat someone completely

An intense but temporary feeling of liking someone


In a post-apocalyptic world dominated by sand, anhedonia and the sounds of sirens, D. -for some inexplicable reason- falls into a hole.

The day was bright red

She lands on a strange island. Her senses operate with an unprecedented synchronicity and gradually become aware of the possibilities of this unexpectedly alive and alien place. Her journey to her eventual assimilation into the island’s system is full of unexpected condensations that blur the boundaries between body, memory and environment.

Crush explores the possibilities of landing, total contact and encapsulation in a place. It takes the form of a post-crisis manual where the narrativity of images is disrupted by textual excesses, wishing to serve as a uterus for subsequent spatial and sonic games.


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