Fellowship, Residency
7 / 9 - 6 / 10 / 2023

Encounters with Stephanos

Participants: Danai Kriki,

Stephanos is fuming. Stephanos is active. Stephanos is big, handsome with an egglike smell. Stefanos is the central crater of the Nisyros’ volcano. Planes from Kos fly over Stefanos every day so that tourists can admire this unique geotope. But beyond being a tourist attraction, in what ways does Stefanos inhabit the collective imagination and feed the fiction of Nisyros local community? The volcano is represented as a male; but do the narratives and representations of the locals differ according to their gender? ‘Encounters with Stefanos’ wishes to experiment with text and design with this genuine question of mine and to compose an homage to the smell of a plough egg, the neon yellow, the intermittent Greek-Turkish from the handset of a mobile phone trying to get a signal.