10 / 9 - 5 / 10 / 2018

Chantal Chadwick & Brian Allen Simon

Participants: Chantal Chadwick, Brian Allen Simon,

Pétra, derived from the Greek work petros meaning “stone, rock” is a collaborative sound and visual project by Chantal Chadwick and Brian Allen Simon. During their residency at Sterna they will construct a soundscape in response to and influenced by Nisyros’ inherent and underlying volcanic tension—a sequence of harmonic strains and releases colored by site-specific field recordings taken on the island. In thinking about sound as color, the deep blue of the Aegean sea, the dark black ash of sand and stone, and the rose and gold hues of the volcanic craters will inform their palette. Using a minimal framework of electric piano, synthesizers, soprano saxophone, and field recordings, they intend to create a piece of transportive work intrinsically tied to the Dodecanese island of Nisyros, yet open to sonic interpretation in any environment.